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Department of Public Health & Engineering Department Nagaland

Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) was bifurcated from its parent Department, PWD in 1974. However, its actual functioning as a full – fledged Department started only in 1975, after establishment of the requisite infrastructures. The main objectives of the Department are to provide Safe Drinking Water Supply and proper sanitary conditions to the people of the State. The Department, in order to ensure sustainability of the water supply systems also deals with conservation of water source catchments and also creation of public awareness on public and personal hygiene.


The Directorate of PHE Department is headed by a Chief Engineer. There are 3 Working Circles, 10 Working divisions and 30 Working Sub – divisions. There are also various Cells/Units attached to the Directorate, viz Monitoring and Investigation (M&I) Cell headed by a Superintending Engineer ( M&I) and Human Resource Development (HRD) Cell headed by a Chief Engineer (HRD). In addition, the HRD Cell is also looking after the activities of Information Education and Communication (IEC) Cell and Management Information system (MIS) Cell.

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